Professional Development
College, Australia

Terms & Conditions

1. Welcome
Welcome to Professional Development College, Australia (PDC).

2. Courses offered
All of our offered courses are designed for your professional/ personal development and are NON-ACCREDITED.

3. Enrolling in a course
Once you have selected your professional development pathway, send through filled enrolment form, which is available on this website. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message through contact form and we will be more than happy to assist.

4. Course registration and fees
4.1 All fees and charges for our courses are listed on this website.
4.2 Enrolment can only be confirmed, once the fees is paid in full.
4.3 If you intend to pay fees by cheque, please make it payable to 'Coupar Angus Enterprises Pty Ltd'.
4.4 Students are responsible to pay their fees / dues on time. Defaulters will be referred to our Collection Agent. Students will be responsible for any associate recovery costs.

5. Additional fees and charges
5.1 Copy of Certificate of Completion - $100.
5.2 Hard copy of your learning material - $70 per unit/ subject.
5.3 Students are allowed to make three attempts to successfully pass the unit/course. If the third submission is still deemed not yet competent, the student will need to re-enrol in that unit/ course by paying the 50% of the full fees.
5.4 All costs actually incurred by PDC in the recovery of any monies owed by the student to PDC including recovery agent costs, repossession costs, location search costs, process server costs and solicitor costs on a solicitor/ client basis.
6. Cancellation and refund policy
6.1 Once the invoice has been paid or fee is deposited, no refund is applicable.
6.2 Full fee is payable, if student wishes to change the course, after class commencement or allocation of unit at ePortal.
6.3 No refunds or course changes are applicable.
6.4 Enrolments are non-transferrable.

7. Course changes
No course changes are permissible in any circumstances.

8. Course materials
eLearning material is provided. Hard copies are available to purchase @ $70 per unit/ course.

9. Training delivery
All courses are offered online only. This means that training can occur anytime, anywhere.
10. Entry Requirements
Being professional/ personal development courses, there are no pre-requisites for our offered courses.

11. Complaints and Appeals
When a person wishes to lodge a formal complaint because of:
- a decision which affects them (e.g. an assessment decision);
- unacceptable behaviour (e.g. harassment, discrimination, victimisation)
- training and/or assessment services provided

Following procedures will be followed:
11.1 Student will be required to send his/her complaint including all details, facts and figures through contact form.
11.2 On receipt of the contact form, Student Coordinator will collect further information from stakeholders and will prepare 'Complaint Lodgement Form'.
11.3 All relevant parties will be required to sign the form.
11.4 Student Coordinator will act as Officer-in-Charge and/or appoint another person to act as Officer-in-Charge.
11.5 Officer-in-Charge will investigate the issue and will make the decision on the basis of information provided.
11.6 Officer-in-Charge's decision will be considered final and will be abiding by all relevant parties.

12. Assessment Marking
Submitted assessments are marked and returned to the student with appropriate feedback within 30 working days.

13. Confidentiality Policy
Students can be assured that personal information provided to PDC will be given maximum protection and made available only to authorised users such as employers where a contract (e.g. Training Contract) exists, or to government agencies to meet government reporting requirements, for research, audit, moderation and evaluation purposes. Participants may access their own records upon request.

14. Copyright
The law requires copyright loyalty payments for the reproduction of a considerable amount of publishable material, notably books.
For study and research purposes, participants are allowed to copy 5% or one chapter of a book or one article per issue of a journal. More extensive reproduction may be possible and permission must be sought. However, this re-production should not be any more than 10% of your assessment.

15. Discipline/ Participant Conduct
Students are expected to behave in a manner which is courteous, safe and not disruptive within training and assessment activities conducted by PDC. The following are examples of unacceptable behaviour or actions:
- Any misuse, legal or illegal, of property of PDC;
- Any unsafe or illegal practice;
- The possession of alcohol or prohibited drugs;
- Dishonesty in training and assessment activities;
- Damage of equipment;
- Obstructive behaviour;
- Disorderly, disruptive or harassing behaviour;
- Non-payment of fee requirements
- Discrimination towards any other person

Gross misconduct may result in suspensions or expulsion from PDC training and assessment programs.

16. FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions posted on this website are to be considered as part of Conditions of Study and are equally enforced.

17. Access and Equity
The management and staff of PDC are responsible for ensuring access and equity for all students. This ensures all participants are treated equally and fairly and have equal access to participation in training.

18. System Requirements
- Mac OSX, Windows 7, Windows 2000 or Windows XP Desktop / Laptop with minimum 4GB RAM, 550MB free hard disk space
- Adobe Flash Player
- Adobe Reader
- High speed Internet
- Microsoft Office or Open Office
- For iPads - A free app named "Puffin" works well with our ePortal.

Our ePortal is web based and requires Adobe Flash Player. We are not responsible for hardware / software related issues, compatibility concerns and will not assist in any troubleshooting requests.