Professional Development
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Frequently Asked Questions

Qs 1. What is the enrolment process?
Ans. Fill-in Online enrolment form. Pay your fees. On receipt of your enrolment form and fees, we will process the enrolment in two working days and will send you your username and password to logon to your ePortal to commence the studies.

Qs 2. Can I expect any delays in enrolment?
Ans. Yes. If your enrolment form is incomplete, your fees is not paid and/or you have not uploaded the voucher (if applicable); enrolment could be delayed until all required information is supplied.

Qs 3. Is there a time limit to complete the course? and where can I find my qualification deadline?
Ans. Yes. 10 months is the maximum timeframe to complete the course(s) you are enrolled in. Deadline is visible in your ePortal's Dashboard.

Qs 4. Due to a very genuine reason I wasn't able to finish my course in allocated 10 months time. Can I apply for an extension?
Ans. No. You will need to re-enrol in the course by paying FULL fees at the time.

Qs 5. I submitted my form x months ago for an online course but didn't login or commenced the course as yet. Does it mean that my 10 months completion time will start from the date when I actually commence my studies?
Ans. No. Your two years completion time starts from the date your enrolment form was submitted.

Qs 6. Can I enrol and defer my course?
Ans. No. You are required to complete the enrolled course within allocated 10 months time.

Qs 7. Can I get student ID card?
Ans. Yes, on payment of $25 Student ID Card Fees. Please send us the student id card form, which is available under Forms & payments menu on this website.

Reading Material
Qs 8. Am I able to download / print the eLearning material?
Ans. No. Due to copyrights, download/ print facility is un-available.

Qs 9. How can I get the hard copies and how much they cost?
Ans. Hardcopies are available from our vendor @ $70 per unit. Orders can be placed from our website by submitting 'Hard Copy Order Form'.

Hardcopies are usually delivered in 4 to 6 weeks time.

Qs 10. What is the assessment turn around time?
Ans. Thirty working days.

Qs 11. How often should I submit my assessments?
Ans. Assessments should be submitted when their progress bar is displaying 100% in your dashboard.

Qs 12. How many attempts are allowed to pass a unit?
Ans. Maximum Three.

Qs 13. What happens after third attempt?
Ans. You will need to re-enrol in the course/unit by paying FULL re-enrolment fees.

Qs 14. Do you conduct any exams? How do you assess online students?
Ans. No, there are no exams as such. However, there are assessments. One assessment per unit. Assessment is consisted of 25 to 30 questions which, are combination of short/ long questions, essays and/or projects.

Qs 15. What type of support is available for online students?
Ans. Email support via our ePortal is available 7 days a week - 365 days a year. 9am to 5pm (AEST)

Qs 16. What is your turn around time for any support question?
Ans. PDC is proud to have less than 24 hours turn around time during 9am to 5pm AEST. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, it means we may not have received your enquiry or you may have sent it to the incorrect person/ department.

Qs 17. Are your courses nationally accredited?
Ans. No. We only offer professional/ personal development courses.

Prepaid Vouchers
Qs 18. My prepaid voucher has been expired. Can I still redeem it?
Ans. Expired vouchers cannot be redeemed. No exceptions.

Qs 19. I have purchased multiple prepaid vouchers. Do I need to redeem them before expiry date?
Ans. Yes. You must redeem all of your vouchers before their expiry date.